Welcome to the New Site!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been enjoying this whole shouting-into-the-void thing so much that I’ve decided to bite the bullet. I’m now the proud owner of this piece of internet real estate!

Truth be told, there really is no meaningful difference, aside from condensing the URL (tisbutamoment.com feels better than tisbutamoment.wordpress.com), and that it cost about $60 for three years – plus an additional $9.99 for keeping my domain registration private. May this site bring me the equivalent of $23.33 of joy a year, whatever that may entail.

I’ll do a post on how I got set up and snagged my domain and hosting for so little, but for now, I just want to mark the occasion.

(Edit: as promised, here’s how I did it!)

All of the past content is here, and with much more to come! Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, or (and this is a new one for me) you can follow Tis But A Moment on Twitter for the latest posts!

And never be afraid to reach out, whether about life, your job hunt, saving for that downpayment, or working the nerve up to talk to your boss – I love hearing from you!

As my grandma says in every email:



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