Letter to the owner of the townhouse of my dreams


I hope you’re doing well! I came by the open house on Saturday and had to reach out. I apologize if this is inappropriate, but I had to tell you directly how much I love your home. You can ask your agent — I talked her ear off about it yesterday! It’s exactly what I’ve been putting together in my head, on my dream-home Pinterest board, even on my budgeting app in the years it took to save for the downpayment (embarrassing, but true).

I walked in on Saturday and your agent commented on my ear-to-ear smile. I couldn’t stop beaming because I felt like I was home. Every detail, from the tiled fireplace to the wall cutouts in the master bedroom, felt right. I’d be happy to wake up there every morning, and excited to come home to it after a long day at the office. I can’t wait to give my kitchen herb garden a new lease on life behind the corner sink, or read the day away on the window seat upstairs. Even down to the breakfast bar overlooking the street, or the large balcony, or the skylights upstairs – this is the home for me.

I’m sure you’ll receive plenty of offers over the next few days, but please keep me in mind. I’m so excited at the prospect of starting the next stage of my life there. I know your agent has expressed this to you, but I’m motivated and flexible, and I can’t wait to call this my new home.

All the best,


Edit: I got the place! I sent two letters and got the call a few days later. I’m going to be a homeowner!

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